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We dispose of a substantial implementation competence in nearly all the industries covered by us as well as for the professional and methodological competences. This is how we ensure quality, reliability and sustainability regarding feasibilities, procedures and the success of implementation. This is what we offer, not only when it comes to typical implementation tasks, but also for expert opinions and conceptional elaborations.

Successful implementation is only possible through and with the people affected by the changes. Therefore, a core element of our implementation competence is an open and empathetic dialogue which generates insight and learning processes that foster the individual readiness to change and to further development.

For the transformation process to be precise and binding, we have developed a reliable form of measure and result management which ensures that all the steps and effects of the transformation process are being absorbed and controlled in a structured manner.

Implementation competence to us necessarily means “implementation personality” (experienced change managers with a solid professional and methodological basis). All our network partners have the experience of already having been through equivalent transformation processes. They have dealt with the most diverse requirements and with stumbling blocks, and they have also entered new territories in a sensitive way.

As we have gotten to know countless different situations, ranging from distinctly aligned regional owner cultures to corporation-wide “multicultural” structures, we know that each task brings about unique requirements. Due to our distinct implementation competence, we are confident to understand new situations quickly and to ensure an open-minded, trustful and target-oriented cooperation in order to successfully generate added-value.

Specific experiences shape our implementation competence:
perspective of the implementation experience (that of a consultant or that of an employee)
climate zone of the implementation experience (good times/bad times)
experience with the cultural environment
historical development of the company (growth, crises, developments, succession/change of ownership)
ownership structures (family, holder, financial and strategic investors, group)
different experiences of management and staff with topics of development and change
regionality / supra-regionality / internationality
company language
experience with company sizes
medium-sized companies from 50 employees and 10 million euros revenue (also less in individual cases)
large companies/groups of up to several thousand employees and from 500 million euros revenue
experience with site linkages
“one site companies”
“multi location companies” (leading site, sites that are interwoven in the most diverse ways)

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